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Recollection Gift of the Sea My Strength The Heavens Declare Life is a Song Four Leaf Clover Deschutes River Waiting to Blossom Sea Gifts Liquid Amber


Tangerine Plaid Southwestern Sunset Abstract Abstract Dogwood X Marks the Spot Daydreams 1 Pink White Blue 2 Resurrection Aspen Abstract Woodgrain Sunset


Abstract Dogwood Recollection Blanket Flowers Flower Amid Rocks Nostalgia Waiting to Blossom At Peace Lost Among Weeds Every Good Gift Flower Shower


Birch Branching Out Solitude Deschutes River Twin Oaks Liquid Amber Life is a Song Birch Forest Touch the Sky Then and Now


Fun in the Sun Four Leaf Clover Blanket Flowers Luscious Lilac Pink Whisper Nostalgia Kept by Joy Summer Evening Summer Song Summer Story


Gift of the Sea Spring Leaf Four Leaf Clover Blanket Flowers Spring on Parade The Sentry Luscious Lilac Pink Whisper Kept by Joy Spring Delights


The Heavens Declare Southwestern Sunset II Bandon Sunset Goodbye to Today Dune Sunset No1 Oregon Sunset Rosy Sunset Goldfinch at Sunset Heceta Head Sunset No.2 Sahara Sunset


My Strength Resurrection When in Doubt Thing of Beauty Hope Keep Singing The Present Be Yourself - large format Pace of Nature Creator

Still Life

Colorful Glassware Tea for Three Good Morning Whisperings Yesterday's Books Garden Sanctuary Tomorrow's Tree Homestead Kitchen Late Afternoon The Backstory

Black And White

Somebody's Home Peony 5 Peace and Quiet Peaceful Afternoon By God's Design Clinging Echinacea Morning Winter Waterfall Trees on a Foggy Morning Simple Pleasures


Hill Country Tenaya Lake The Sentry Off the Beaten Path Twin Oaks Grandeur All Alone Creator Oak Across a Field Nature's Heart


Autumn Leaves Collage Tangerine Plaid Elegance Fall Bouquet South Falls Shoshone Falls South Falls Fallen Autumn's Sonata A Place of Rest


Sea Gifts Gift of the Sea Sea Shell Art 2 Sunny Thoughts Starfish Flower Amid Rocks Through the Grasses Beach Bouquet Dune Sunset No1 Beach Treasures I

Wall Decor

X Marks the Spot Gift of the Sea Southwestern Sunset Abstract One Hundred Sea Gifts Pink White Blue 2 Life is a Song Solitude Blackeyed Susan The Color of Time


Southwestern Sunset Abstract X Marks the Spot Life is a Song Resurrection Pink White Blue 2 Pure Joy Autumn's Approach Wheels of Time Paint Strokes I Blue Silk


Resurrection X Marks the Spot Blackeyed Susan Tangerine Plaid The Color of Time Paint Strokes I Shiny Patterns 1 Refreshed Kept by Joy Road Not Taken


Pink White Blue 2 Southwestern Sunset Abstract Resurrection Pure Joy Like a Daydream Blue Silk Quilt Seeds No2 Water Garden 1 Pink Swirls Nightfall Over the Wetlands

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